Is It Possible To Measure Organizational Innovation to Drive Value and Growth?







Most company innovation efforts start with ideas and brainstorming sessions – nothing more than a one-dimensional tactical approach to innovation. Importantly, this approach ignores the critical systemic organizational skills and capabilities required for successful innovation whilst materially reducing its chances of success.

The Management Innovation Index ™ is a unique Big Data analytic, that models an organization’s innovation, using metrics based on the theories of organizational economics, enabling business leaders and senior managers to make informed decisions around its strategic innovation, the driver of growth and value in an organization.

The Management Innovation Index ™ (the MIX) builds a model of organizational innovation by

  • surveying across all strati of the organization
  • analyzing the data collected using clear metrics
  • creating a set of data conveying the current state of the organization’s innovation ecology and its capabilities and practices
  • using the insights from the data to set benchmarks
  • to deliberately design strategies and interventions to develop innovation skills and capacities to increase the efficiency of the organization’s creative inputs and outputs, its innovation

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What Our Clients say…

What the Management Innovation Index did was put innovation into a proposition that enabled focus. With the Management Innovation Assessment Report, the outcome of the Index, we have enough information to really concentrate on shaping our strategic innovation plan over the next two or three months, that will drive the success of the business for the next five years!

Jeremy Trott, Head of Innovation, Allianz UK

The MIX is a wonderful upfront needs analysis enabling an organization to develop a deep level of understanding about its construct;  revealing what is glaringly obvious that has to be done to enable it to become truly innovative..….

Bernard DeSmidt, Global HR Director, Terrapinn.

Whilst the survey was revealing in its own right, it was what followed that really gave the MIX its strength. The MIX Assessment Report with its recommendations and the conversations and workshops around those recommendations enabled the entire ABC Innovation team to develop a completely new view of how innovation would work in the ABC. Indeed, we have already taken some of the ideas and started to implement them. We will definitely continue this work..

Abigail E. Thomas, Head, Strategic Innovation & Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation


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