Outcome – The MIX Assessment

The Management Innovation Assessment Report

The Management Innovation Assessment Report (the MIX Report) is an individually prepared and authored report that summarizes your organization’s current management and innovation capabilities and its gaps.

The MIX  provides you with an executive summary and a detailed analysis that:

  • Surfaces your organization’s current cumulative creative capabilities with respect to leadership, strategy, strategic innovation and tactical innovation implementation
  • Identifies factors that trigger and obstacles that inhibit strategic, team and individual creativity and innovation within the organization
  • Benchmarks your organization against itself, industry, and general data collected across the global data bank of the Management Innovation Index surveys

The MIX™ provides recommendations for highly focused and strategic change management, creative leadership and innovation learning and development across all levels of an organization designed to develop the organizations management and innovation capabilities and close its gaps.

With regular review, the MIX™ is able to provide your organization with a measure of how your management innovation capabilities are developing and performing and ultimately, through regression analysis, begin to predict the outcomes of its innovation endeavours.

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