What The MIX Does

“With the Management Innovation Index and its outcome, the Management Innovation Assessment Report, we have enough information to really concentrate on shaping our strategic innovation plan over the next two or three months, that will drive the success of the business for the next five years!”

Jeremy Trott, Head of Innovation Allianz UK


  • It provides a holistic view of the organization’s innovation capabilities
  • It offers insights and vision for how to grow the organization through innovation, strategically and tactically
  • It exposes the current innovation practices and beliefs across all levels within the organization
  • It informs and enables proper strategic innovation planning to suit your vision and overall organizational plans and objectives
  • It positions the organization to become an innovation leader in its field, increasing its profile, growth and/or profit potential


  • Deployment of a cross-functional survey on the current status of  innovation and managers perception within your organization
  • Examination of four key components of innovation – culture, environment, strategy and practice
  • Mapping across the organization the creative inputs that drive the organization’s  outputs – its innovation
  • Analysis of gaps in creative leadership styles across all levels of management that impede creativity and innovation
  • Specific identification of impediments to innovation by department or unit and the reasons why
  • Benchmarking of innovation capabilities  in your organization
  • Prioritization of strategic innovation in the organization in order to produce streamlined and sustainable innovation outcomes.

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