The MIX Designer

Dr Ralph Kerle

Named by IBM as one of the world’s 100 Global Creative Leaders, Dr Ralph Kerle is an internationally respected thought leader, management innovation consultant, writer & designer of executive programmes on leadership, creativity and innovation and creator of the Management Innovation Index, an analytic that benchmarks and measures innovation.

His commercial experience includes consulting on strategic innovation planning and implementation in global top 500 companies, designing and delivering creativity and innovation workshops to hundreds of C+ senior and middle management participants globally.

His official appointments include Council Member of the Creativity Association of Asia, a Chinese Government initiative (from which he holds an honorary Doctorate and an Adjunct Professorship); member of the Australian Federal Government’s Innovation Roundtable for the OECD Innovation Strategy Review; a Leader in the US Creative Problem Solving Institute and a Fellow of the US-based think tank, the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis. He is a former Board Member and a member of the International Committee of the US Creative Education Foundation.

His academic appointments have included faculty adjunct at the Banff Centre, Canada as an Innovation Coach in their Leadership Development Programme and an International Thought Leader in their Leadership Learning Lab; a member of the Advisory Board of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Technology, Utter Pradesh, India & Programme Director, the AGSM Executive Education, University of NSW

He was Associate Director of the Sydney Theatre Company; is a theatre graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne and holds a Masters in Creative Industries.

Strategic Innovation Visioning, Planning, Implementation
Creative Leadership Coaching
Creative Leadership Programme Design – Facilitation
Creativity Programme Designer – Delivery
Creator Management Innovation Index
Key Note Presenter and Writer

Dr Kerle’s full suite of creative leadership, creativity and innovation products and services can be viewed at

His unique IP and services are based on a design thinking philosophy and global experiences in

  • benchmarking and measuring organizational creativity
  • designing and implementing specifically tailored management innovation, creative leadership and creativity consultancies for individual corporations and industries to drive sustainable innovation and growth.
  • designing and delivering internationally recognized management innovation, creative leadership and creativity executive education programmes within world’s leading academic institutions
  • designing and managing research projects to advance the philosophy, thinking and theories around management innovation, creative leadership, creativity and innovation with globally recognized think tanks, universities, researchers and creative practitioners.